Company Profile

    Dongguan Jinrui Biological Technology Co., Ltd. ("Jinrui Technology") in 2015 is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating research, production and sales. We are committed to becoming The maintainer of healthy life aims to provide global users with traditional and innovative, simple and healthy comfort.

    Jinrui Technology provides clinically proven solutions to effectively relieve pain related to common foot diseases, provide semi-flexible arch foot support, combined with advanced foam cushioning to maintain normal foot function and arrangement.
    Jinrui Technology has been committed to customized cushions for men, women and children, using sustainable and ecologically-oriented materials to create a comfortable environment and maintain good air, aiming to provide protection for the feet , Relieve pain, improve performance and help speed recovery.

Our Story


Become an advocate of healthy living

Podiatrists believe that people who love to run recognize the need for orthotic insoles that will be both affordable and easy to achieve for people struggling with common foot pain. He began to see a similar pattern in the share of custom orthotics he prescribed for his patients, combining this knowledge of foot anatomy with his passion for running to create arch sports insoles.
Over the years, we have been deeply involved in developing a line of orthotic insoles, support options and other foot care accessories with the goal of helping people prevent pain from common foot conditions and lead active, healthy lives, with more than 100 insole products developed to date and more to be added later.
Most of our insoles are designed and manufactured at podiatrists, and we follow strict quality standards in the hope that we can provide quality insoles that our customers can trust. We have more than 10 years of manufacturing and development experience in the foot care industry, and we have continued along this path.

Our Culture


Life is good because of aspiring

As the old saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step", our company has been working in the foot care industry for many years and has many years of experience in manufacturing and development. By combining the knowledge of foot anatomy with that of sportsmen's health, we have created a series of products such as children's insoles, orthopedic insoles and sports insoles to help people eliminate fatigue, discomfort and pain from the source and enjoy a more active and healthy life.
The arch sports insoles have been experimentally proven to provide comfort, reduce fatigue, and help relieve and prevent lower body pain caused by standing. By properly supporting the foot, and thus the entire body, the insoles help stabilize the foot and absorb the impact of the foot hitting the ground, eliminating foot fatigue soreness, muscle fatigue and lower body pain.